Repair and Upgrade Services

Bishop Information Services Consulting Group offers a wide range of computer hardware support for Home and Businesses including: Drop-Off; Onsite; and Remote Services with support for Tablets, Laptop and Desktops. Personalized pick up and delivery, onsite technician, or remote access from our office to your computer. We do this for one flat rate, we are your home for complete computer repairs, maintenance and upgrades.`

Hardware Support

With an appropriate upgrade, your computer could actually run better than it’s ever done before and for a much lower cost than buying a new one. Software upgrades typically give you improved functionality, while hardware upgrades major on speed.

Computers are subject to wear and tear based on use, unforeseen ‘accidents’ and just plain old age.  Bishop Information Services Consulting Group can handle numerous problems on computer repair and upgrades.  This makes us the perfect choice in case you need professional help during your computer down time.

Contact us today, we want to be your “Partners in Technology“.